The Affectation of Calm

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The Affectation of Calm

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The CALM series highlights the ever apparent calm within a storm. The trials of growth, change, closeness, and distance, all culminate to create the figure before you. Strong in conviction, and right, where things go wrong. In control of ones own situation, the CALM series moves to display the strength in steeling oneself, in preparation for what it is to come. No one knows it all, but in learning what is needed we become who we will be. The journey is worth living for.


Printed on Arches 88 Silkscreen Printmaking Sheets, 300gsm

Acrylic embellishment

Signed and numbered by Darius Frank

Limited Edition of 100 pieces

Price: $75

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Presale pricing for limited time. Limited to 15, each numbered and signed by the artists. In the event of the first 15 selling, a new 15 will be offered to the public, at the presale price until the timeframe has closed, where the price will revert to original price. Thank you for your support, and know it means the world to the artist.