When You Get A Chance

When You Get A Chance
When You Get A Chance

When You Get A Chance


A personal fave from my series of illustrations on toned paper, "When You Get A Chance." Another addition to the store from a different time, during an age of eploration for myself and my work. I had just arrived to the my own voice of story telling, visually. This work, much like a lot of the ones from that series were created almost as a reponse to myself, and some of the things I beleived, wanted to believed, or felt predisposed to believing. The lack of attenton of the subject, the broken cigarette, the position of the motion, everything here speaks to something I had a personal connection with. 


Printed on Arches 88 Silkscreen Printmaking Sheets, 300gsm

Gold leaf embellishment

Signed and numbered by Darius Frank

VERY Limited Edition of 25 pieces

Price: $50

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