Calming III

Calming III
Calming III

Calming III

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Something about the subject spoke to something a little sad. Something about her spoke to something a little exuberant. It was as if in that moment, she needed to be everything I needed to get to this. She spoke whimsically about the sad times, and spoke sullenly about moments she held fondly. The juxtaposition influenced this idea that, though down, she may never be out. In the event that she is without, she is never alone, that prospect is what CALM grew from. So in leading up to CALM, you have calming, or Calming I, Calming II, and Calming III.

Printed on Arches 88 Silkscreen Printmaking Sheets, 300gsm

Signed and numbered by Darius Frank

Limited Edition of 300 pieces

Price: $35

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16x20" Canvas also available.

Original work w/ frame available.