Cover Letter


My name is Darius Frank. I am an artist and designer of over 8-9 years. Throughout my time as a professional, I have learned so many things, assumed so many roles, and worked alongside so many types of personalities, that I have come to realize my ideal work environment.

An environment with which I serve as a creative leader, or art director, that does not only offer an efficient solution, but an impactful one. Leading a team of motivated, uniquely instrumental individuals, to meet a common goal, better conveyed creatively.

My ideal work environment doesn’t need a required size, or years of experience because in my ideal workplace, creativity is encouraged from even the unlikeliest of sources. Lending itself well to an environment that encourages contribution from the most seasoned to the green. I bring with me my ideal workplace.

I have worked with companies like: The Atlantic, FiscalNote, CreativeTime, Bombay Sapphire, Mosaic, Create Expectations; done projects for: Verizon, Equifax, Cargill, Boeing, Coca Cola, Powerade, Reebok, CA Technologies, Disney, and USA Networks

With my extensive knowledge in multiple design disciplines, and a decorated fine arts background, I am confident that the work we produce will rival aesthetics with impact, while all looking and feeling very beautiful, and resourceful. My lasting hope is to leave a legacy of expression within the design and art worlds; the quality of my work will reflect that.