Did You See That? / by Darius Frank

The creative process is endlessly fascinating. With the changing times, we, the audience, require so much more from artists. I mean in all realms; music, acting, painting, etc. With the advent of social media, we require and digest more. Is any of the effort appreciate, I think so. You see followings larger than ever before, with far less need for face time. Nothing can replace true, physical interaction in my opinion. But, this isn't about the nuances between an IG convo, and a real life sit down. No, this is about witnessing the process that led an artist to those choices, to that end result. Seeing completed work is great, but there is something magical in the process leading up to that masterpiece.

Show me the programming you had to study, the work you had to visit, the people you had to chat with, and what you have to look over while buying supplies for the project. I love the prospect of sitting around and brainstorming, late night session that call for drinking and some conversational deviation. Show me the hours, pouring through photos, setting up a canvas, talking into a mirror. I crave human moments. They are the basis for my work. 

I find it a treat when an artist is that transparent. My laziness won't allow me to contribute to such an endeavor, regularly. With the invention of social media, we get this look into artist's process. Without noticing, we take for granted this insightful offering. When you watch an artist talk, or explain on IG story. When you see someone cry on snapchat. Whenever you watch a vlog on Youtube of a figure workshopping new material. That should be cherished. I don't know if all artists understand that they are constantly on view. No the internet at large don't get to be privy to everything, but with audiences and following in the tens of thousands, even millions, there has to be some understanding that whenever the artist engages with their world, they are giving the viewers something special. It's a luxury, and a burden. It takes a toll having access to so much though, for both the contributor and the viewers. Imagine, if the infrastructure or ecosystem, didn't rely so heavily on this sensitive formula of give and take? Imagine how illuminating it would be to see someone, everyone, truly emote!? Leaving space for so many to create some time altering magic.

Heres to expression free of judgement. Expression spurred by self representation and existentialism. Offering oneself to public display, but in a controlled and supportive environment.