When Things Go Bump in the Night / by Darius Frank

Last night was mad weird...

From screams to random gatherings of insects, last night felt like a scene out of a modern day “suspense thriller.” Horror film seemed like a stretch. Mind you, we were under the influence, which bares the acronym UTI. While enjoy a Netflix original, in true millennial fashion, a blood curdling scream echoes through the hall of my apartment building. Which sounded eerily like my neighbor. We live on the bottom floor, the bottom floor is below ground a few feet. It lends itself to easy access via my windows. So shakened and stirred, me and my partner lock eyes and spend minutes just checking if we both heard what he had heard. The usual horror film open door check did not happen. Be it that we are both PoC we played by a different set of horror film rules. A peephole check, after the closing of windows and arming of selves. Then came the thunder that sounded like sustained dull rubbing of wood against wood. But the garishness of it all was pretty spectacular. Lesser point of interest was the small meeting of gnats in my bathtub later in the night. I for sure 409 them, but the fact that this followed the rest didn’t make for an easy passing of time. My mind, racing, considered all the possibilities of that night. Leaves me wondering about my response to presumed danger, and the fragility of my existence. 

Dont know why I chose to let this out here. Well, I found this blog app that allows me to write directly into my blog. That may be a motivating factor. Nevertheless, last night was mad weird, and now you all know it.