Like a Boss... or manager. Not quite C-Level yet. / by Darius Frank

It’s been said a hundred times over. Or Atleast I believe it has been reiterated throughout history. There is something to a fancy night out. I mean, you’re spending far more money than you’d like, to do far less than you’re usually accustomed to doing at the price point. While trying vehemently, in measure, to seem like the type that can enjoy such an experience while remaining civil. I am proud to say that this is a relatively easy undertaking for myself. Easier hours after pay day.

Also, what is with this pay shaming that popular culture subscribed to? You have to save up to partake in a luxury, big fucking deal. The fact remains you experienced that. So all the rappers having lavish dinners, pop stars with riders, movie stars wearing runway fashion, you too can have that, with planning and commitment.

But anyway. 

me and my partner went to Succotash and I have to admit, I was wowed a bit. From the decor, to the meal, I felt like a big shot. We were escorted, quietly, to the above seating,m. As we past the sea of onlookers, I found myself adjusting my posture and moving with my chin up, as not to look out of place with the obviously more affluent clientele. The drinks were good, perfect cocktail for the babysitter in us all. The food was flavorful, which surprised me because... come on... come on. Never mind that, get this tho, she orders dessert, after 2 entrees, an appetizer and 2 cocktails a piece. This is the restaurant of a big shot Top Chef guy, so of course it wasn’t cheap. Like a fucking boss though, the waiter brings the check and without even taking a glance, I hand him my card and let him take care of it. Of course it decline and I spent a lot of time washing those dishes... I joke. I pay the damn thing, he comes back, it’s over $100, I pay and tip something like 22-24% and leave that spot the hero of the night... Atleast to one that mattered at all in that spot, that night. It was cool, all this to say it was cool. Night folks.