An epiphany on the can / by Darius Frank

zbznsnzn Random epiphany while thinking on my situation and the people of the world. Cycling through endless possibilities of opportunities and aid. I had a random epiphany while sitting on the toilet, playing a game that never ends, but remains fascinating. What a build.... but the epiphany. 


Everybody needs 3 things, Food, Sleep, and a purpose. Whether it be the pursuit of felatio, or the care of a pet, outside of food and sleep, striving for a reason to belong seems to be the thing we are all doing, all the time. It doesn’t feel, or look that way. When you belong, you don’t have to mull over how you got there, what you did to do so, who you became to remain. But, the engaging in love, dedication to a good job, drinks with old friends, it all looks like purpose. Food, sleep, purpose. Without any one, you’ll probably die. I’m losing sleep, over my lack of purpose, because it’s contributing to lack of food.  

Not ready to die yet.