New Chapter / by Darius Frank

I have begun conception in a series of seminal works, depicting those closest to me, in idealized scenes of my own make. At a creative precipice, I have found myself looking to learn everything one can in the design field. The determination to meet that goal has also motivated me to create work that means more to me. The pursuit of knowledge and personal fulfillment has me turning over a new leaf. Finding hope in what I create, now that I am truly creating with no other purpose than to create. 

leaving social media in the way that I have, I find myself making things, for me and less for content on one of many social media outlets. It’s a nasty habit I have come to find out a little late in my opinion. But an issue I am looking to fix. So with that, I’ll be posting more in progress posts and explaining my process and generally musing as I have been. I’ll just be doing it with a little more zeal.