No / by Darius Frank

Never had an issue with hearing No. growing up, it was a regular response to a lot of necessities my family could have really benefitted from. So no throughout my life has been a natural progression of things. The no’s before a yes, the calm before a storm, the lull before they see the potential. Well, the lull has drained me of fantastic and I really can’t bring myself to perform anymore. 

I add another skill, learn another thing, create something new, and show it off to the world. To the reception of general praise and corporate boredom. I can’t crack the code on the way forward and I’m not faring well with having to reckon with this. You just get tired, school on top of school, job after job, experience and talent out the ass, and nothing. For half a year now, over 100 rejections and no real idea on recourse. Feels like I’ve failed this go round and if I truly failed, ain’t no coming back from that.