About Me

Who am I?

When I first heard Creep by Radiohead, I had to have been too young. Like real young. To young to know what girls were for. My world was narrow' grew up a black boy, in the "hood;" or whatever misclassification we as people attribute to a scene we don't think favorably of. When I first heard Creep by Radiohead, I was still expected to love rap. My legacy was made up of hits by Tupac and singles by Wu-Tang. I was figured to become a product of my environment. A shit talking, hard-nosed, patron of circumstance. When I first heard Creep by Radiohead, I think I became myself. You want to know about me, well, I like Creep by Radiohead. My father was an artist. You know, the kind of artist that created for himself. He sold very little and broadcasted even less. He was a working man, yeah, a working man, with a talent. He left it that way. I remember, being real young, and playing under or by my dad's drawing table; while he crafted up these comic like scenes of amazon women and badass femmes that were, hands down, some of the best I have seen, to this day. Around 4 years old, I took up drawing things. More to try to impress my dad, really. He was good about it for the most part. Everything I drew was "great," and everything new work was better than the last. I think you need that early on, that encouragement to keep going. As supportive as he was though, my dad's life hardened the idea that you can't "make it" as an artist. So as a child, it was instilled in me, that even though I had a talent, I needed a REAL job to support myself. So I adopted the practice of creating for myself. It wasn't until College when I seriously realize the possibilities of my talents. Having graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design, the few times I got to flex my illustrative ability, it was well received. In a curriculum focused on design, being able to draw was not needed. So with my talents, I found a certain level of notoriety. Nevertheless, still a better move than pursuing that Anthropology major. To this day, I draw. Along the way, I picked up a little ambition and added painting to the tool set.